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                          7 THINGS TO DO WHEN YOU’RE UNMOTIVATED

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It happens to me all the time as I’m sure it happens to you.

You wake up and you just don’t feel like doing anything let alone getting out of bed.

I can’t promise that what helps me will help you, but all I ask is that you try.

Although this list is not complete, it might help you give you more ideas on what to try.

  • What is your Why? If you started your own business, try to remember why you started in the first place. Started a new job? Remember why you chose that job, aced the interview, and got the job. 
  • Family. Get up for and enjoy spending time with your family. You love them and they love you too and support you.
  • Meditate. Guided meditations are when you listen to a voice that helps you focus and become aware of your body, head to toe. It’s meant to help you stay in the present and to help keep you calm. You might find that after this relaxation technique, you will have the energy to get up and do what you need to do.
  • Listen to a Podcast. There are millions of podcasts out there talking about a myriad of topics including motivation. I listen to comedian Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast. At the very least, I listen to him because he makes me laugh and lightens my spirit.
  • Music. I love listening to music, very loud through my headphones. When I’m working on my business, I play Smooth Jazz on Pandora through my flat screen TV. Other times, I listen to my playlist on my phone or I watch Youtube videos of my favorite songs.
  • Cuddle with a fur baby. If you have a pet, it helps to cuddle with them for a little bit. Nothing puts a smile on my face than picking up and hugging my mom’s cat, Zoe. If you don’t have a pet, try visiting your local pet shop. It doesn’t hurt to ask if you could hold a puppy or a kitten for just a little while.
  • Watch Marie Kondo on Netflix. Marie Kondo is an adorable Japanese woman who teaches you how to stay organized in your home. My mom and I watched her and we now roll our shirts in the manner she does to create more room in our drawers. It gave me something to do and I was productive.

Again, you can do a couple of things on this list to help you lift your mood and hopefully get you up and going.

Did any of these give you new ideas on what you can do, like say, go outside for a walk or finish a project you haven’t started yet? Whatever it is you decide to do, even if it’s a little thing, that’s a win.

Remember that.


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