Choose Activities To Help You Stay Focused

Posted by Tasha McGlashan on

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I work from home. I have a few online businesses that keep me busy.
I don't like to be idle; it leaves an opportunity for negative thoughts to intrude and interrupt my day.
It also helps to dedicate days of the month for each of my businesses; this helps me to stay organized and not feel overwhelmed.
Mondays: Work on BiHapi Studio
Tuesdays: Work on Real Estate
Wednesdays: Work on Print on Demand T-shirt Designs
Thursdays: Work on Amazon
On the weekends, I earn extra cash by doing grocery shopping with Shipt and delivering food with UberEats
What can you do today that will help you stay focused, keep your mood level positive, and to help you stay centered on the present?
Let me know in the comments below.


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