I just had lower jaw corrective surgery.

Posted by Tasha McGlashan on

Ugh. I look awful.

I apologize. It’s not easy for me to write blogs consistently.

As you can see, I look like I’ve had major jaw surgery.

Surgery was on Monday, August 8th. I am correcting an overjet; it’s when my lower teeth are covered/hidden by my upper teeth. It also means that it made my airway very narrow and I was prone to migraines.

Right now, I’m tired, like groggy tired. This is Day 4 for me, as told by my doctor, this is supposed to be my peak swollen day. Looks better than before tho.

I neglected to take off my face wrap after 48 hours which made my lower lip swell very drastically. I won’t show you THAT picture.

What I decided to do was take a little break from my business and vlog my journey and upload to my Youtube channel.

How have you been? Let me know in the comments. 


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