It's Been Awhile...

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Hey, I know it's been awhile since I posted. My apologies!

I have been working on hand dyeing throw pillows to get ready to re-launch BiHapi Studio.

I have also been working as an independent contractor for Shipt and UberEats on the weekends to earn some extra income.

Although I am pretty much "working" all week, it's good for me to get out and do something different so that I getting exercise, fresh air, and help my mood.

I recommend that you do the same; even during this pandemic, it's good to go outside. 

There are times that I am very excited about how I wish to present BiHapi Studio to my mental health community and then there are times when I'm not sure if what I'm trying to do will help.

I can only believe that these thoughts are normal and that I must do what I can to prove the negative thoughts wrong...something I had been taught in previous sessions with my psychologists.

Whenever you feel a negative thought try and push its way through, if you can, question those thoughts. Ask yourself are they true; prove the negative thought wrong.

It will take practice, I haven't mastered it yet, in fact, to be honest, I haven't "fought back" with my thoughts either. This is something we can both work on together.

I will also try and write more, after all, I'm in good company and we could all use that these days.

-you deserve happiness



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