Marketing Trends For The Wellness Industry

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As I’m going through trends for colors and throw pillows, I am also researching trends in wellness and what brands are starting to do for their consumers.

It is refreshing to know that people and businesses are taking mental health seriously and including resources to not only help their employees but their consumers as well.

As a business owner of one, I may hire help in the future and these trends are very good for me to have now. The people that work for me in the future, I want to make sure that I take good care of them and in turn, they help take care of me and my business.

There is an interesting article about marketing to the wellness industry (wellness also includes physical activity as well as building good mental health habits).

I know I want my brand to be known for being eco-friendly and reaching out to my community; people living with mental disorders.

If I can help my audience feel safe, encouraged, and direct them to the help and support they need, then I know I did what I can.

If you are living with a mental disorder and you haven’t reached out for help yet, may ask why?

Stigmas and taboos aside, it’s important to get a proper diagnoses so the help you need lines up with your symptoms.

Living with bipolar is hard enough, but I would not be where I’m at now, without the support of my psychiatrist, psychologist, my family, and my friends.

Please don’t do this alone.

There are resources out there where you are, use them.

You deserve happiness,


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