Never Lose Your Creative Spark

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Never Lose Your Creative Spark

I remember when I was young, I went through so many pads of drawing paper.

I basically taught myself to draw although I really wanted to learn.

Of course, YouTube wasn’t available to me but bookstores were and I certainly miss those days.

As I got older, I found myself writing less and drawing less, save for class.

I miss writing and drawing leisurely.

It came so easily to me, like a calling within me, and I remember it feeling like euphoria, and I would write and I would draw.

Today, I think about drawing mostly and how difficult it is to sit down and just doodle.

I have crayons, water color, colored pencils, a few drawing pads, hell, I even have stamps that I created, and when I sit down with all those resources available to me…nothing.

I have no idea where the passion went and I wonder if it will ever return.

I was obsessed!

Now, I’m not and it bothers me.

I know losing interest in activities is one of the many signs of depression symptoms, but I wish it wouldn’t attack what I loved doing the most.

Whenever you can, try and remember the activities that you did as a child.

Remember how it made you feel, especially on the inside.

Don’t ever lose that spark, keep it burning.

you deserve happiness


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