Why Handmade?

Posted by Tasha McGlashan on

Stack of colored linen pillows




When I showcased my throw pillows at the Renegade Craft Fair at Fort Mason in San Francisco a couple years ago, I really enjoyed the experience.


I was among 100s of other handmade designers that had the same desire: selling their crafts to 1000s of people who wanted to buy handmade products.


I loved the energy and being able to ask people what they liked about my pillows. This gave me an opportunity to tweak my process and give my customers what they wanted.


Creating something with my hands is something special and satisfying. I remember learning how to sew at school; I made an apron. 


When I went to college, I learned how to sew using an industrial sewing machine and I learned how to make different types of clothing using the same patterns.


It truly is amazing to have an idea form in your head, then you draw it on paper, and then it becomes something you can touch and wear.


Unlike commercial production, handmade designs are not exactly the same; just a slight difference makes it unique for each buyer.


Everybody has a unique gift, I know you have a gift too. Somewhere out there, somebody is looking for what you offer. 




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